Take action

The power that multinational corporations wield is far reaching. With their multimillion-dollar advertising budgets they have successfully managed to manipulate the general public, cultural events, development organisations, and even the media. Newspaper agencies, radio stations, Television networks – all of them are dependent on the profits generated by private corporations like Syngenta. Because of this, many media will think carefully about reporting on critical information about their sponsors. In many instances, critical reports will not be aired/published due to the intervention of powerful corporations like Syngenta.

This makes it all the more important to stop this type of media censorship. In order to combat multinational corporations from violating human rights it is of uttermost importance to have an informed and enquiring general public. Your voice counts. Help us spread information, sign petitions and online protests. If you would like to get more actively involved, there are several possibilities: do research, take part in demonstrations, or even start your own campaign, become a member, or make a donation – all of these are valuable contributions to help further our cause.