Open letter to the new Nestlé-CEO

Open letter from Yasmine Motarjemi, 29.3.2017

Dear Mr Schneider,

During the several months since you took office as Nestle CEO, you have perhaps been briefed regarding the litigation between Nestle management and me. With a view to ensuring that you have access to the full and unvarnished truth, I would like to update you on my experience in Nestle and especially concerning the events that compelled me to file a formal complaint in the Court of Justice in Lausanne in March 2011.
Prior to my engagement by Nestle, I was a senior scientist and Acting Director in the World Health Organization in the field of food safety and prevention of foodborne illnesses. Well before joining the company, my working relationship with Nestle began in the early 1990s through a nongovernmental organisation that was in official relations with WHO....
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